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We Care
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Dedicated to what truly matters

We are passionate about what we do and we execute it with care and determination. Thriving on authenticity and moving beyond being sustainable. Generating a positive impact.

Our understanding of luxury is caring. Care about every detail and everything meaningful to us.

An ongoing dedication to making things right.

Engaging our people and community and consequently benefitting our planet.

A real, measurable commitment. Investing time, energy, effort, talent, and resources. A commitment that is part of what we do and of who we are.

Acting upon what truly matters.

We Care.

Pau Guardans i Cambó. 

We Care: our three pillars

Our team

Luxury goes far beyond a singular building in an exceptional setting. Luxury implies taking care of each client's experience and doing it in a respectful, elegant and committed way. We want to be renowned for taking care of our clients' experience through our team. Only in a pleasant and respectful environment can we bring out the best in everyone and develop the full potential of each individual in the interest of the whole team.

That is why we develop an intensive training program for our people and ensure that the working environment is elegant, clean and well cared for. We also seek to establish long-lasting relationships with all our collaborators to enable continued personal growth in an inclusive and integrating environment, with the utmost respect for the values and conditions of each individual.

Our community

Tourism is only sustainable if it has a positive impact within the community in which it operates. That is our vision and that is why we develop a set of initiatives that seek to generate a positive and lasting impact on our immediate surroundings. We are aware that our activity may cause some negative externalities, but we are also aware that if we put our minds to it we can boost the local economy and the cultural and social fabric of each community. This is our intention.

As one of the projects we promote, our Young Training Program commits us to hire young people at risk of social exclusion and offer them fair remuneration as well as an intense professional training program to train them in a profession that will enable them to face their future in a different way.

Our planet

Sometimes taking care of our planet may seem like a distant goal. At Único Hotels we have established a broad program of specific actions that allows us to minimize our footprint and the impact of our activity. This is our commitment.

The Biosphere Badge

We want to translate our passion and commitment into actionable and measurable facts.

We are proud all of our hotels have obtained the BS Certificate.

We’ve chosen the prestigious Biosphere Certificate, which is granted by the Sustainable Tourism Institute and sponsored by UNESCO, as our sustainability partner in this journey. A certificate that is periodically renewed and that assesses sustainability in all areas, indicating the real level of commitment in our company, involving our employees, and connecting with our customers and stakeholders.

Continuously showing evidence of the efforts implemented and developing a process of continuous improvements to advance in the fulfillment of the different requirements aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

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