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Único Hotels, defined by a taste, executed with care

A carefully crafted collection of luxury hotels and restaurants aiming to bring the best out of each destination. Elevating tradition and expanding its culture through art, spaces, materials, ingredients, activities and experiences.

Each location is celebrated and enriched, connected by a deep sense of commitment to the genuine and authentic, excellent service, elegant design, & detailed gastronomy.

Experience Madrid, Mallorca, the Costa Brava and Buenos Aires in a new frame and space.

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A journey of devotion for authenticity, unforgettable experiences, exceptional destinations & flavour. Don’t miss a beat in this space.

Único Hotels obtains 5 Michelin keys for its luxury destinations

The Principal, Unico Madrid Hotel, Finca Serena Mallorca and Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa distinguished with distinction

The Principal Madrid, one of the best hotels in Spain.

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ChooseMyCompany 2024 Award 

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Travellers' Choice Awards 2024

Finca Serena, one of the best hotels in the world!