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What they say about us…

Some of the world's most prestigious media have recognised our hotels and restaurants.

Press Contact:

“"One of the best 25 hotels in Spain, The Principal Madrid" Travelers' Choice 2020, Tripadvisor”

““Best fine dining, Traveler's Choice 2020,  Ramón Freixa Madrid" Tripadvisor”

“"Traveller's Choice 2020 award, Finca Serena". Tripadvisor”


“"One of the Best New Hotels in Europe"”


“"Feels like a slice of Mediterranean paradise".Finca Serena”

CN Traveler Guía Gastronómica

“"One of the most sophisticated cuisines in Madrid".Ramón Freixa Madrid”

CN Traveler Guía Gastronómica

“"A restaurant with a hotel, and a hotel with a restaurant".Hotel Único Madrid”

CN Traveler Guía Gastronómica

“"In addition to a service that operates like an orchestra, Ramón Freixa's cuisine evolves without ever losing its usual fun".Ramón Freixa Madrid”

Forbes US

“"One of the best boutique hotels in Madrid".Hotel Único Madrid”

Mallorca Sunshine Radio

“"If you need a serving of serenity with your lunch or dinner, Jacaranda is the place to find it".Jacaranda”


“"Rodeado de plantas, olivos y cipreses desde donde disfrutar de la mejor coctelería".La Terraza ”


“"Finca Serena is the new insider tip for everyone looking for only one thing in Mallorca—rest".Finca Serena”


“"His cuisine is one of visual and gustatory delight, being very elaborate, like works of art on a plate".Ramón Freixa Madrid     ”


“"A delight for the palate culminating in the leisure of the area".Jacaranda”


“"Whatever it is that you choose to do here, you won’t be rushed, you’ll do it in your own time. Your own time well spent in a little piece of heaven as it is on earth".Dailymirror”

Fashion & Arts

“"If you’re looking to become lost, we assure you that you here you will find yourself".Finca Serena”


“"Finca Serena: the reinvention of natural luxury in Mallorca".Finca Serena”

Metrópoli - El Mundo

“"The Barcelona chef is one of the most brilliant in the country. With his restaurant, Ramón Freixa Madrid, he has captivated the public of Madrid as well as the specialized critics".Ramón Freixa Madrid”


“"Hidden away in Mallorca, it can proudly host the Jacaranda restaurant: a gift for the senses".Jacaranda  ”


“"That island spell. The luxury of simplicity is fused with calm".Finca Serena  ”

Style in Mallorca

“"It has become a benchmark as a place of peace and tranquility, focused on the most demanding customer".Finca Serena”


“"The great beauty. From start to finish, everything is elegance at Ramón Freixa".Ramón Freixa Madrid”

CN Traveler

“"It feels as if a friend with a beautiful house had invited for a few days".Finca Serena”

Viajar - El Periódico

“"What peace! These words are repeated like a mantra.".Finca Serena  ”

Architectural Digest

“"A private (and luxurious) refuge in the least-known Mallorca".Finca Serena”

Architectural Digest

“"A space that integrates tradition with a modern experience of luxury and disconnection".Finca Serena”


“"A singular experience. Ramón Freixa shines with a unique and unimaginable choreography of dishes".Ramón Freixa Madrid  ”

7 Caníbales

“"Finca Serena in Montuiri, where time seems to stand still" Finca Serena”


“"Fragranced by surrounding lemon trees and fields of lavender, the property presents an abundant snapshot of Mediterranean natur". Finca Serena”

La Vanguardia

“"Uno de los hoteles más deseados del país".Finca Serena  ”


“"Magic, tranquility and beauty in a unique place".Finca Serena”


“"The place in Mallorca where I recovered the skin and calm that I had lost".Finca Serena”

Revista Container AR

“"There are places, like Finca Serena, that seek an internal change through the weight of the past, of local culture".Finca Serena”


“"La Terraza es otra de las imprescindibles en verano”.La Terraza  ”

CN Traveler Guía Gastronómica

“"The Principal still maintains that small hotel feel, with a reception which does not make one imagine what’s inside".The Principal Madrid”

Qué Fem? - La Vanguardia

“"Ático, a high-level restaurant".Ático  ”

Woman UK

“"You´ll struggle to leave this pretty place at the end of this trip".The Principal Madrid”

Marie Claire

“"You´ll struggle to leave this pretty place at the end of this trip".Ático”

Elle Gourmet

“"Luxury and nature come together in this new resort".Finca Serena”

El Mundo

“"Finca Serena offers that their guests disconnect from the routine into the calm that the isle’s inland offers. All here is a tribute to the Mallorcan countryside".Finca Serena”

CN Traveler ES

“"A pause in which breathe slower".Finca Serena”

La Vanguardia

“"One of the most coveted hotels in the country".La Vanguardia”


“"Único Hotels honour their name".Único Hotels”

Travel for Senses

“"Mallorca is an island that has it all. Finca Serena is a reflection of this unique diversity and rich traditions".Finca Serena ”

Recommend Magazine

“"Wellness-minded travelers can take advantage of more than three miles of pathways around the estate and yoga classes led by the onsite wellness team".Finca Serena”

Town & Country

“"One of the best Honey Moon destinations".Finca Serena Mallorca ”


“"A bridge of luxury and simplicity (...), is a lesson in Zen; a peaceful retreat where calmness and privacy reign supreme".Finca Serena Mallorca ”


“"Pura Slowlife mallorquina".Finca Serena ”


“"Un nuevo hotel de lujo situado en 40 hectáreas de preciosos jardines mediterráneos".Finca Serena Mallorca ”

Image Magazine

“"You're bound to reconnect with your inner self here".Finca Serena Mallorca ”

La Vanguardia

“"Finca Serena, un nuevo hotel de ensueño en Mallorca".Finca Serena Mallorca ”


“"Feels like a slice of Mediterranean paradise".Finca Serena ”

Elle Decor Russia

“"Balance between the traditional aspects of classical finca and the aesthetics of resort luxury that Majorca demands"Finca Serena Mallorca ”

The Telegraph UK

“"The Clue really is in the name".Finca Serena Mallorca ”

CondeNast Traveler

“"The farmstead is set in 10 hectares of olive groves and lemon orchards, with white-washed rooms and a neutral palette that is supremely calming".Finca Serena ”

CN Traveller ES 

“"Promete convertirse en uno de los sitios de referencia de la isla"Finca Serena Mallorca  ”

Architectural Digest

“"Walking paths weave amid olive, lemon, pine, cypress, and jacaranda trees; lavender fields; vineyards and gardens".Finca Serena Mallorca ”

CondéNast Traveler

“"One of the 10 best hotels in Madrid".The Principal Madrid Hotel ”

CondéNast Traveler

“"Blink twice and you might miss the entrance to this unassuming hotel tucked away behind sliding doors on a polished Salamanca street".Hotel Único Madrid”

Arquitectura y Diseño

“"El lujo de la simplicidad".Finca Serena Mallorca ”

CN Traveller ES

“"El hotel que reinventa el lujo en Mallorca".Finca Serena Mallorca   ”

Architectural Digest

“"Walking paths weave amid olive, lemon, pine, cypress, and jacaranda trees; lavender fields; vineyards and gardens".Finca Serena”

Condé Nast Traveler

“"Las terrazas también son para el invierno: las mejores de Madrid".Hotel Único Madrid”

Condé Nast Traveler

“"Hay hoteles que colocan la experiencia culinaria en primer plano como el Único con el Chef Ramón Freixa".Hotel Único Madrid”

Condé Nast Traveler

“"Uno de los must entre las terrazas de verano más cool".The Principal Madrid Hotel”


“"Elegante, refinado y armónico".Ramón Freixa Madrid”

Harper's Bazaar

“"Su entrada y su fachada pasan elegantemente desapercibidas entre el bullicio. Por no hablar del microclima de su jardín, que […]".Hotel Único Madrid”

Marie Claire

“"Sabores Michelin en el cielo de Madrid".Ático”

Architectural Digest

“"The sixth-floor lobby, restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Ramón Freixa, and rooftop terrace have excellent views of the skyline".The Principal Madrid Hotel”


“"La primera impresión en el trato diferencial está nada más pasar las puertas del hotel".Hotel Único Madrid”

Reader's digest

“The Principal team couldn’t have been more welcoming.The Principal Madrid ”

La Vanguardia

“"Ramón Freixa sorprende con una propuesta gastronómica donde combina tradición y vanguardia"The Principal Madrid”

The hedonist

“"A concept better than “luxury” describes all that is perceived as distinctive by all senses".Hotel Único Madrid”


“"This intimate luxury hotel housed in the heart of well-heeled Salamanca".Hotel Único Madrid”

Plan Madrid

“"Una de las terrazas más fotografiadas y de éxito de la capitaL".The Principal Madrid”


“"This is a hotel you’ll remember long after you’ve checked out".The Principal Madrid”

The Telegraph

“"This is a great choice for a special occasion meal when you feel like dressing up".Ramón Freixa Madrid”

The Telegraph

“"The clue really is in the name".Finca Serena”


“"Un menú degustación para disfrutar de su cocina en menos de hora y media".Ramón Freixa Madrid”