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We seek to generate a positive impact by being the engines in our communities and using that power as a catalyst.

Giving back and taking an active part by promoting the area and supporting the local providers. Showcasing the vast richness of our emplacements & destinations, and acknowledging the value of our heritage, culture, and proximate environment.

Celebrating the essence of a place by bringing together its people and its history. Letting its stories be told through its flavors, colors, music, sounds, and traditions. The integration of natural beauty and heritage.

Our Actions
  • We ask our guests to allocate an extra 1 euro to the cost of their stay for projects related to the community and for our part we donate the same amount collected by them. Donations go to charitable causes or activities to improve the local community. For example, clearing forests, integrating and improving the standard of living of people with intellectual disabilities or meeting the individual needs of children living in residences.
  • We firmly believe and foment the positive impact of the "visitor economy" in our communities and destinations. Encouraging respect and promoting the cultural and natural heritage of our environment as well as acting as a growth engine for the local trade.
  • The selection of our suppliers is led by proximity-based criteria. Local and seasonal foods are favoured.
  • We constantly offer activities focused on guests well-being . E.g. cultural talks, bike rides or yoga retreats.
  • Transparency is a key driver when it comes to accounting. We strictly follow audit obligations, we register our accounts so that the information is made public and we consolidate to offer complete information.

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