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We have an impact. And by staying committed to our people and community, we give back to our planet, generating positive outsourcing across our entire ecosystem.

Respecting natural resources and minimising our footprint. Using renewable energies, and applying a holistic vision by committing to our best practices and methods.

We understand circularity as an opportunity to nurture our well-being and clear the path for future generations to come.

Engaging our visitors, and the beautiful destinations where our hotels are located.

Our Actions

  • We are committed to renewable energies. The solar panels installed in our hotels generate 600 MWh/year.
  • We have implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing water consumption. 100% of the irrigation of our resorts comes from reclaimed water. All bathrooms are equipped with diffusers, which save up to 60% water. In all the rooms there is information on good practices to reduce the frequency of washing towels.
  • 100% of bottled water comes from purified water directly in our hotels, also using reusable glass bottles to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Minimum food waste: we avoid buying more than what is needed, we rigurously recycle food waste and we plan the menus smartly.
  • We foment sustainable and healthy mobility. For instance, we offer bike and hike routes. As well as, buggies and less poluting vehicles are put at disposal of our guests with drivers to get around our hotels.
  • 100% of our hotels have power outlets for electric vehicles.
  • Single use plastics and packaging are not used where possible, and are otherwise recyclable or compostable: we offer bath products that are environmentally friendly and contain no petroleum residues. Using large packaging to avoid small single-use plastic. 
  • Our vineyards and orchards are 100% organic, without chemical treatments.
  • Saving paper consumption through the use of new technologies such as QR codes and mobile apps for restaurant menus and digital directories.
  • 100% LED lighting. Our buildings are equiped with lighting presense sensors.
  • Automatically controlled air-conditioning systems in all of our hotels.
  • Supporting conscious and sustainable brands and products in all our Spa, wellness treatments and shops.
  • We use 100% compostable coffee beans, which helps us to contribute to the reduction of waste.

For information on many more actions: