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ARAG guarantees, up to the maximum limit of €6,000 per booking, subject to the exclusions mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions, the reimbursement of travel cancellation expenses for the Insured that are invoiced by application of the general terms and conditions of sale of the HOTEL, provided that the trip is cancelled before it starts and due to one of the following reasons occurring after taking out the insurance:


1) Due to the death, hospitalisation of at least one night, serious illness or serious bodily accident of:

a) The Insured or of any of his/her relatives, this being understood as set out in the General Terms and Conditions of the Policy.

b) Any of the relatives, the spouse or de facto partner or person who lives permanently with the Insured, relatives being understood as set out in the General Terms and Conditions of the Policy.

c) The person in charge during the Insured’s trip, of the custody, at the main residence, of his/her minor or disabled children.

d) The direct substitute for the Insured in his/her job position, provided that this circumstance prevents him/her from making the trip as required by the company by which he/she is employed.

In relation to the Insured, “serious illness” means a change in health that involves hospitalisation or bed rest during the 7 days before the trip, making it impossible to start the trip on the foreseen date due to medical reasons. “Serious accident” means corporal damage, which is not intentional on the part of the victim, originating from the sudden action of an external cause and that, in the opinion of a medical professional, makes it impossible to start the trip of the Insured on the anticipated date, or that entails the risk of death for some of the aforementioned relatives. When the illness affects some of the aforementioned people, other than the Insured, it will be understood as serious when it implies a minimum hospitalisation of one night or the need for at least 3 days of bed rest, or which entails an imminent risk of death.


2) Summons of the Insured as a party, witness or jury member in civil, criminal or labourcourt.

3) Summons as a member of a polling station for elections at state, regional or municipal level.

4) Sitting official civil servant exams called through a public body after having taken out the insurance policy. This can be either as the person sitting the exam or as a member of the examination body.

5) Serious damage caused by fire, explosion, theft or by force of nature, at the Insured’s main or secondary residence, or at his/her professional premises if he/she is an independent professional or runs a company and his/her presence is absolutely necessary.

6) Due to dismissal of the Insured from his/her job. In no case will this cover come into force due to the end of the employment contract, voluntary resignation or due to failure to pass a trial period. In any case, the insurance policy must have been taken out before written notice was issued by the company to the worker.

7) Taking a new job in a company different from where the Insured worked previously, with an employment contract of more than six months, provided that the job commences after the registration of the trip, and therefore, after the insurance was taken out.

8) Income tax return made in parallel by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, leaving an amount to be paid by the Insured greater than €600.

9) An act of air, land or naval piracy that makes it impossible for the Insured to start his/her trip on the scheduled dates.

10) Call for surgical intervention for the Insured, as well as medical tests before such intervention. (Including organ transplants as recipient or donor).

11) Call for medical testing of the Insured or of a first- or second degree relative, urgently conducted by the public health service, provided that these are justified by the severity of the case.

12) Serious complications during pregnancy that, due to medical advice, involve bed rest or require the hospitalisation of the Insured, his/her spouse, or de facto partner or long-term live-in partner, provided that such complications occurred after the insurance policy was taken out and they seriously endanger the continuity or necessary development of the pregnancy.

13) Premature birth by the Insured.

14) Police custody of the Insured after having taken out the insurance policy, coinciding with the travel dates.

15) Subpoena by a court to appear in divorce proceedings, which occurs after having taken out the insurance policy and coincides with the travel dates.

16) Urgent letter of formal notice to join the armed forces, the police or fire service, provided that the notice to join was received after the insurance policy was taken out.

17) Medical quarantine as a consequence of an accidental event.

18) Unexpected call for an organ transplant of: The INSURED or a relative. The companion of the INSURED, recorded in the same booking and who is also insured.

19) Signing of official documents on the dates of travel, exclusively before Public Administrations.

20) Delivery of a child under adoption, which coincides with the planned dates of travel.

21) Official declaration of the INSURED’s place of residence, or the trip’s destination, as a disaster zone. This cover also includes the official declaration of the place of transit to the destination as a disaster zone, as long as it is the only route whereby the destination can be reached. The maximum amount of compensation per claim is €30,000.


22) Sworn declaration of the suspension of payments of a company, which prevents the INSURED from carrying out his/her professional activity.

23) Theft of documentation or baggage that prevents the Insured from beginning his/her trip.

24) Cancellation by the person accompanying the Insured on the trip, who is duly registered on the same trip and insured by the same policy, provided that the reason for cancellation is one of the causes previously listed and, as a result thereof, the Insured has to travel alone.

25) Cancellation by a relative of the Insured who is accompanying the Insured on the trip, who is duly registered on the same trip and insured by the same policy, provided that the reason for cancellation is one of the causes previously listed. In the event that the Insured changed the dates of his/her booking due to any of the reasons set out in this TRAVEL CANCELLATION EXPENSES section, the additional expenses that occur due to this change shall be covered exclusively when this amount is not more than the penalty that would have been applied due to the cancellation of the booking. In any case, it is an essential requirement that this guarantee be taken out and notified to ARAG, at the time of booking.



In addition to the provisions of the “Exclusions” section of these General Insurance Terms and Conditions, cancellations of travel caused by the following reasons shall not be covered:

A) An aesthetic treatment or therapy, a contraindication to air travel, the lack or contraindication of vaccination, the impossibility of following the recommended preventive medical treatment in certain destinations, the voluntary interruption of pregnancies, alcoholism, the consumption of drugs and narcotics, unless these have been prescribed by a doctor and are consumed as indicated.

B) Psychological, mental or nervous illnesses and depression without hospitalisation, or that justifies hospitalisation for less than seven days. Pre-existing chronic conditions or illnesses and the consequences thereof.

C) Illnesses that are being treated or receiving medical care within the 30 days prior to the travel reservation date, as well as the date of taking out the insurance.

D) Participation in bets, contests, competitions, duels, crimes, fights, except in cases of legitimate defence.

E) Epidemics, pandemics ( except Covid 19), both in the country of origin and the country of destination of travel, except in the case of SERIOUS ILLNESS, as covered by Cause 1 of Article 7.1, Travel Cancellation Expenses, of: - The Insured - First-degree relatives who are on the same booking as the Insured.

F) Medical quarantine, pollution and natural catastrophes, both in the country of origin and destination.

G) Declared or undeclared (civil or foreign) war, riots, popular movements, acts of terrorism, any effect of a source of radioactivity, as well as the conscious disregard of official prohibitions.


H) Failure to present, for any reason, the essential documents for any trip, such as a passport, visa, tickets, card or vaccination certificate.

I) Fraudulent acts, as well as intentionally caused self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide.




The agreed coverages do not include: Voluntary acts by the Insured Party or those acts in which the said person is guilty of malevolent intent or gross negligence.

b) Ailments, chronic, congenital or pre-existing illnesses, as well as their consequences, suffered by the Insured party prior to taking starting the trip, except those expressly covered.

c) Suicide death and injury or illnesses resulting from the intent of the Insured Party to injure themselves and those derived from criminal actions.

d) Diseases or pathological conditions produced by the consumption of alcohol, psychotropic drugs, hallucinogens or any drug or substance with similar characteristics.

e) Aesthetic treatments and the supply or replacement of hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, orthoses and prostheses in general, as well as the expenses caused by births or pregnancies and any type of mental illness.

f) Injuries or illnesses arising from the Insured party's participation in gambling, competitions or sports tests, and carrying out sports and/or any adventure activities not expressly covered.

g) Conditions that result, directly or indirectly, from events produced by nuclear energy, radioactive radiation, natural catastrophes, military actions, riots or terrorist acts. h) Injuries produced by the professional practice of any type of sport.

i) The rescue of people in the desert and/or at sea.

j) Any type of medical or pharmaceutical expense of an amount lower than that stipulated in the Particular Conditions of the policy.

k) The use of medical aircraft except in Europe and always at the discretion of the Insurer's MedicalTeam