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We are passionate about what we do and gather results through the daily actions we make. That’s why every person in our team is engaged to cultivate an attitude of care and dedication.

We solidly encourage our teams to not only harvest this attitude but plant it in every aspect of our day-to-day life. Providing an equal, fair, sustainable, ethical, and safe environment where they can develop their skills and grow.

The care and quality we offer to our clients can only be provided from within. It has to feel authentic, and that only happens when the team is being supportive and taken care of.

A continuous effort to sustain equal opportunities in all capacities, and freedom for and between all of our team members.

With commitment, passion, and care.

Our Actions

  • We aim to treat each and every team member like a member of our family; equally, fairly and ethically. In order to efficiently apply this principles we have non-discriminatory and employee responsibility policies.
  • Permanent employment represents 90% of our contracts.
  • Encouraging the development of our employees offering first-rate training, according to their needs.
  • We have an equality plan that complies with the strictest commitments, including a specific protocol for the prevention and action against workplace harassment, sexual harassment and harassment based on gender in the company.
  • Our hotels a comply with regulatory requirements regarding accessibility.
  • Health campaigns are carried out among our employees. In addition, staff menus are meticulously taken care of so that they are balanced.

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