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Luxury is all in detail

At Único Hotels we value talent, creativity and an obsession with detail. From innovative chefs and master mixologists, to music curators and interior designers, we look for masters of their craft who’ll take care of the tiniest details to ensure our guests an unparalleled experience.

Paula Gaila, our music curator, personally selects each song you hear to create a soundtrack that suits every mood and moment.

Pilar García-Nieto, our head of design, immerses herself in each project with sensitivity and passion, creating a unique atmosphere designed to promote a sense of inner calm, disconnection and visual pleasure.

Ramón Freixa, has earned two Michelin stars for his self-named restaurant at Hotel Único and a Sol Repsol at Ático, at The Principal Madrid. His cooking balances technique and flavor, tradition and innovation, to craft avant-garde dishes designed to surprise and delight all the senses.

Oscar Velasco, National Gastronomy Award winner, leads the gastronomic direction of the Jacaranda restaurant at Finca Serena Mallorca, applying world-class techniques to local ingredients and heritage recipes of the island.

Because here at Único, we believe true luxury is all in the detail.