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Interview with Álvaro Glez, Director of Finca Serena Mallorca

Meet the Managing Director at Finca Serena Mallorca. Álvaro Glez has spent a lifetime dedicated to the hotel industry. 

Since his first internships at the paradores (Cervera de Pisuerga and Benicarló) as a student at the University of Tourism, he’s remained within the sector. He started in the departments of administration, finance and internal auditing, but his passion for face-to-face interaction with guests led him to the operational path and front-desk.

How long have you working for Único Hotels? What was your trajectory prior to joining Finca Serena?

After many years in the sector, I got the opportunity to start a beautiful adventure at the Hotel Único Madrid in January 2015 as the Night Manager. After 2 years in this position, I changed to a day shift as second in command at reception and was later given the opportunity to become head of reception. Thanks to the trust and support I was given by the company, from my very first moment with them, I felt I’d found my home, and today you’ll find me at the idyllic Finca Serena.

What does Finca Serena mean to you?

On an architectural level, Finca Serena is a great beauty that has been guarding its secrets since the 13th century. In terms of the concept – calm, tranquillity, to disconnect in order to reconnect with oneself, is enhanced by the extraordinary environment of the Pla de Mallorca. It is about arriving and falling in love, and never wanting to leave.

How important is gastronomy and the use of local products in Jacaranda? And how much importance to guests place on the concept of KM0 products?

Gastronomy is a hugely important aspect of our concept and philosophy. We’ve put emphasis on rediscovering local flavours, produce grown in the estate’s own gardens, our own olive oil and a selection of products from the best local suppliers. I think our guests expect a gastronomic offering that is in line with the natural environment that surrounds them and creates an authentic experience from the moment they arrive at Finca Serena.

Clearly, there are many differences between Único Hotel and Finca Serena: the type of accommodation, location, climate, nature versus urban environments. What would you say the two have in common? And what will you find at both?

I can’t really think of two more disparate concepts, but the bottom line is really the same: the Único philosophy is fundamentally about providing excellence in service thanks to wonderful teams who are more than just good hosts.

It’s also about the tranquillity. I think it is incredible that, in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood, you can find a place as intimate and peaceful as the Único Hotel. Cocooned within its private garden you quickly forget that you are in one of the busiest districts in the city. This sense of calm is more obvious at Finca Serena, but it is still surprisingly relaxing.

Finca Serena is located in the centre of the island, conveniently close to some of the Pla’s most emblematic and tranquil villages, and minutes from some of the best beaches. What other places of interest do you recommend to your guests?

Mallorca is an incredible feast for the senses. In terms of the diversity of its landscapes and activities it is one in a milliom. Any of the villages in the Sierra de Tramuntana are worth a visit, but for me Deià is the jewel, a stunning village on the side of the mountain with spectacular views.

The variety of the island is immense, where in one day you can be hiking through the Sierra de Tramuntana, basking on the beach or at one of its innumerable little calas, enjoying a bicycle ride through the beautiful lanes of the Pla, or taking a hot air balloon flight across the plains for fabulous bird’s eye views.

The reopening is planned for the end of april. What’s new for guests to discover: rooms, gastronomy, activity, dates for diary?

This reopening is going to be full of surprises. All the team are excited to start up again and their efforts will not go unnoticed by guests. We have a new, expanded gastronomic programme using seasonal products, and there are innumerable activities that our concierge team will be happy to organize. In the mid-term, we’ve also got some wonderful ideas up our sleeves, which include an unforgettable New Year's Eve in this unique setting.

Let’s not forget either, that this year will be our first wine harvest from the 10 hectares of vineyards that surround the estate – a limited edition, bottle treasure that you’ll be able to sample exclusively at our hotels. 

April 13, 2021